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Film / Hamburg

Danish Films on Screen


A presentation of Danish films curated by Move the North and in collaboration with Metropolis cinema with guest from Denmark.

Where: Metropolis Kino, Kleine Theaterstraße 10, 20354 Hamburg
When: 8.6.-12.6.2019


Program: Ditte & Louise OmeU
DK 2018, Niclas Bendixen, 102 min.
Cast: Ditte Hansen, Louise Mieritz
Guests: Actresses Ditte Hansen & Lousie Mieritz   Danish Shortfilms presented by OFF Filmfestival Odense

In collaboration with OFF, City of Odense, Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg
Guest: Birgitte Sabina Weinberger, Artistic Director of OFF Filmfestival

9.6.2130 / 10.6.1700  The Kommune   OmU
DK/S/NL 2016, Thomas Vinterberg, 111 Min.

10.6.1900 OmeU / 12.6.2115  Aminas Letters   OmeU / DF
Aminas Breve
DK/D 2017, Jacob Bitsch, 82 min.  The Charmer    OmeU
DK/S/FR 2017, Milad Alami, 101 min.
Cast: Ardalan Esmaili (Esmail), Soho Rezanejad

9.6.19:00  Without A Stich
DK 1968, Annelise Meineche,
Cast:  Anne Grete Nissen, Ib Mossin, Niels Borksand

Guest: Jack Stevenson

10.6.2115  First Prize Irene
DK/IT 1969, Renzo Ragazzi,
Guest: Jack Stevenson



Ottenser Organ Spring - Music - Hamburg - 7.4., 21.4. and 5.5.2024
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