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Don't mention the War


This staged reading is a trio of three short plays by Copenhagen-based playwright Ben Hamilton. As a mixture of comedy, drama and political satire “Don’t mention the War” is a thought-provoking analysis and ironic commentary on the highly relevant theme of War in Europe – most particularly Brexit and its impact and significance in the context of Europe and the European Union. Using a past-present-and-future timeline, the audience meets three couples in intimate settings and explores how a country’s quest for a brighter future resulted in self-destruction.

Staged with originally composed and live performed music by Mashti Project.

Written by: Ben Hamilton

Directed by: Lars Junggreen, Jana Pulkrabek
Cast: Camilla Søeberg, Tom Hale, Tina Robinson, Alun Thomas, Isabel Escudero Zorde and others.

Where: Teater ved Sorte Hest, Vesterbrogade 150 , 1620 København, Denmark
When: 03.06.2024 at 19.00

Presented as part of the Copenhagen Theatre Festival: Cph Stage - Event program 2024. Ticket info will launch shortly.

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Images by: Ben Hamilton

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