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Nordic folk music – Elmøe of Hoffmann


With a love of acoustic instruments, Elmøe & Hoffmann invite listeners into their fairy-tale universe inspired by film music, chamber music and traditional Scandinavian dance. While Emma Kragh-Elmøe (violine) brings a backround in classical music, Villads Hoffmann (cittern, mandolin, guitar) on the other hand, was enthusiastic about loud and fast heavy metal. But opposites are well known to attract each other, which is evidently true in this case as the duo won "Talent of the Year" award at the Danish Music Awards Folk 2015.

While recording their debut album Vandkanten from 2017, they invited Julian Svejgaard (piano) along and the currently performing trio celebrates a joie de vivre which instantly intoxicates the audience.

Join the group performing close to the Danish-German border on Fanø at the Fannikerdagene Festival on July 14th /

Other perfromance dates:
24.6.2019 at 19.00 Tivoli / København
02.07.2019 Hamburg “Folk meets Classic“




Emma Kragh-Elmøe


Villads Hoffmann


Julian Svejgaard

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