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Music, Copenhagen
Folk meets Pop

With a love of acoustic instruments, the award-winning Danish folk band Elmøe & Hoffmann invites listeners into their fairy-tale universe inspired by film music, chamber music and traditional Scandinavian dance. With backgrounds in classical music and heavy metal, they present a shared foothold in Nordic folk music and celebrate a joie de vivre that instantly intoxicates the audience. Two musicians of the Danish Trio will encounter with two Hamburg based German singers and present a combination of folk, pop, jazz and film music.


Where: NJORD, Pilestræde 58, Copenhagen

When: 29.08.2019



Emma Kragh-Elmøe (violine)
Julian Svejgaard (piano, accordion)

Siegmar Tonk (vocals)

Jana Pulkrabek (vocals) 

Ottenser Organ Spring - Music - Hamburg - 7.4., 21.4. and 5.5.2024
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