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Impressions / Videos

Vodka Talks – by Arne Nielsen 

Bringing Danish writing home to Scandinavia and Denmark with the English world premiere of Vodka Talks. This strong and political family drama is the debut stage play by Hamburg-based Danish cult author Arne Nielsen, who is widely celebrated in Germany but yet has to be discovered in his original home country Denmark. The HIT International Theatre Arts production is a Danish-German co-production directed by Danish Theatre veteran Lars Junggreen. While the German original “Die Vodkagespräche” -starring Karoline Eichhorn and Catrin Striebeck- can be seen at the Hamburger Kammerspiele, the English-language version features Vanessa Poole and Jana Pulkrabek as the main cast. Vodka Talks performed in Sweden at Malmö’s Bastionen Theater and in Denmark in one of Copenhagen’s most charming theatre venues at Teatretd ved Sorte Hest. Photos by: Filip Misiak Orestes, Henrik Uth, JPS 

Factory Drop - Nordic film encounter

The team of the sci-fi dance shortfilm Factory Drop welcomed Scandinavian actors and musicians from Copenhagen and Malmö in Hamburg as part of the film shoot. Actor Lars Junggreen, actress Vanessa Poole, musician Mashti and photographer Filip Orestes joined the northern German crew and cast for one day of filming. The film is directed by Petja Pulkrabek and tells the story of two workers who must escape from a mysterious skyscraper factory after having performed an illegal dance. Funded by the Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein film foundation, nordmedia film foundation, City of Kiel and NPN Stepping Out, the project will be touring international film festivals. 

Photos by: Filip Misiak Orestes

Nordic Summer Vibes Festival in Hamburg 

From the 19th of September until the 25th of September 2022 Move the North presented a Nordic theme summer festival on Hamburg’s outdoor stage “Kleine Freiluftbühne” within the cities’ beautiful central park of Planten un Bloomen. Featuring 48 international artists, the festival week presented 20 individual outdoor events, such as concerts, improv comedy, literature readings and a stunt show. Celebrating our Scandinavian theme, Move the North was delighted to welcome many exciting guests from Copenhagen and Malmö including Julie Lind Quartet, DMH, Charly & Romas, Warrior Woman Tina Robinson, actress Katrin Weisser and many other fabulous artists. Thank you to all participants and to the Hamburg Ministry of Culture /  “Kultur Stadt Hamburg” to fund the program as part of Hamburg’s Outdoor Summer.  

Two cross-border concerts in Hamburg 22.09.2021

Funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media, Move the North hosted two Nordic Vibe concerts in Hamburg's Marzipan Fabrik. In „Danish folk meets German Classic“, renowned classical musicians from the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra performed together with the award-winning Copenhagen folk band „Stundom“, combining contemporary folk tunes with classical masterpieces. In "Sounds of the North" the two international renowned composers Mashti Mads Nordheim (Copenhagen) and Peter Musebrink (Bremen) where joined by Danish pianist Julian Svejgaard (Copenhagen) to improvise on the sounds of Maurice Ravel's Sonate for Violin and Violoncello  - performed by virtuoso artists Sono Tokuda and Valentin Priebus.

Culture Moves / Kultur Bewegt - 24.08.2021

Supported by the City of Hamburg, Move the North hosted a cultural network event in Copenhagen’s Nimb bar to the sounds of the Danish-German collaborative concert “Danish folk meets German classic” - contemporary folk combined with classical masterpieces, presented by renowned classical musicians from the Hamburg NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester together with the award-winning Copenhagen folk band Stundom. Speeches were held by German Ambassador Pascal Hector; Ramboll Group CEO and Hamburg Ambassador Jens-Peter Saul; former Mayor for Culture and Leisure in Copenhagen, Pia Allerslev; Lars Ramme Nielsen, Director of Tourism at The Danish Chamber of Commerce and Move the North initiator Jana Pulkrabek.

Photos: Hasse Ferrold & Move the North

HAP - by John Forster

The world premiere of a sparkling new comedy by BAFTA award-winning, OFFIE-nominated British playwright and screenwriter John Foster was presented in Hamburg and Malmö. The project, a collaboration by HIT International Theatre Arts (Denmark), The English Theatre of Hamburg (Germany) and Teaterhuset Bastionen (Sweden/Malmö) was produced by Manusarts GmbH. Directed by Paul Glaser, the artistic director of The English Theatre of Hamburg, the play brought together artists from all three countries and featured on stage the actresses Vanessa Poole (Malmö) and Jana Pulkrabek (Hamburg/Copenhagen). After having welcomed Lina Ehn Öberg and Lisa Mårtensson from Malmö’s  Bastionen Theatre in Hamburg, the creative team united again after the Hamburg premiere for the follow up performances in Sweden.

Hamburger Kultur International 19.07.-01.08.2021

14 days of non stop culture presenting 31 events and over 45 international artists in an outdoor celebration of music, theatre, literature and more . Move the North in collaboration with The English Theatre of Hamburg hosted "Hamburger Kultur International" as part of the official Hamburger Kultursommer on their very own stage at Marzipanfabrik, welcoming international guests from Sweden and Denmark among others.

Nordic Music Vibes - 15.06.2021

Move the North was excited to present three outstanding music acts in a live stream concert from Copenhagen’s legendary Music Caféen at Husetr-KBH as part of the festival „Hallo Hej Hej“ in collaboration with the City of Stade. Julie Lind Quartet from Copenhagen, Hvalfugl from Aarhus and the three country trio DMH. The event was hosted by actor and singer Siegmar Tonk together with Move the North artistic director Jana Pulkrabek. 

>> Trailer

Move the North Kick-Off - 8.1.2020

For the opening of the 2020 cultural program, Move the North welcomed over 100 guests at the award winning gin distillery Drilling Bar in Hamburgs trendy Marzipanfabrik. With "Poetic Sounds“ 3 Danish Jazz musicians performed together with three German singers and invited the audience to experience a selection of German- Danish- and Swedish songs combined with poetry by poet and singer Rasmus Rhode. Special guest Andreas Grötznger -known from Hamburg’s National Theater /Schauspielhaus- joined the performers on stage and the international cast was delighted to welcome for the first time trumpet player Asbjørn Larsen Kamban from Aarhus to the team. HamburgAmbassador in Copenhagen and Move the North patron Jens-Peter Saul opened the evening program with a welcome speech.

Poetic Sounds - 22.11.2019

The Poetic Sounds ensemble with musicians from Hamburg and Copenhagen was delighted to perform to a sold out audience in Copenhagen’s famous culture and music house Huset-KBH at the Jazzclub venue Stardust. An exciting combination of poetry and songs was presented to an audience of all age ranges, mixing well known German- Danish- and English evergreens with jazz. The 2019 Poetic Sounds ensemble bringst together Siegmar Tonk and Isabel Trinkaus - known from some of Hamburg’s leading Stage musicals- with Danish musicians Jeppe Cloos and Asger Søgaard, poet and singer Rasmus Rhode from Kopenhagen and Move the North initiator Jana Pulkrabek, who enjoys the unique creative quality of these joint cultural cross-border concerts.

Hamburg Films on Screen - 16. - 17.11.2019

After five days of Danish films on screen in Hamburg earlier in the year, a selection of German films was presented at Jack Stevenson’s Huset-Biograf - Copenhagen's leading underground cinema. A series of five award winning short films from Hamburg portrayed stories from around the world. Up and coming directors Ali Hakim and Petja Pulkrabek from Hamburg had the pleasure to meet with Danish film producer Tivi Magnussen at a follow up meet & mingle event. Two Hamburg related feature film presentations completed the program. 

The Clean House - 19.9. - 6.10.2019

Copenhagen’s HIT-House of International Theatre presented the German-Danish theatre coproduction of Sarah Ruhl’s hugely entertaining Pulitzer Finalist play „The Clean House“. The five star play performed for three weeks with an international cast of actors from Copenhagen, Hamburg and Malmö. „To say it is the funniest play I have ever seen in Copenhagen is no exaggeration. Ensembles don’t come along like this very often…Masterclass in direction… a play superbly directed by Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen…” -The Copenahgen Post  (photos by: Filip Misiak Orestes)

City Tales - 12.8. - 25.8.2019

Move the North presented a joint collaboration, a German-Danish-Swedish photography exhibition in the heart of Hamburg’s city centre at Levantehaus gallery. Four artists presented four individual artistic views on the city they live in and their take on the theme of tales.  Featuring works by Rebecca Hoppé and Andy Dräger from Hamburg, Filip MIsiak Orestes from Copenhagen and Diego Monsiváis from Malmö.

Danish Folk meets German Classic - 2.7.2019

With a love of acoustic instruments, Elmøe & Hoffmann invited listeners into their fairytale universe inspired by film music, chamber music and traditional Scandinavian dance. With backgrounds in classical music and heavy metal, they presented a shared foothold in Nordic folk music and celebrated a joie de vivre that instantly intoxicates the audience.
The Danish Trio encountered three musicians of the Hamburg NDR Elbphilharmonic orchestra and together they presented a unique evening of different music styles merging to a youful celebration of music. The event was held in Hamburgs famous WineBank and also invited the audience to experience the opening of a pop exhibition.

Popart & Urbanart - 27.6. - 25.7.2019

The Galerie in Hamburg’s hip area Karoviertel is specialized in presenting Popart, Urbanart and Streetart. For Move the North they exhibited a selection of works by Jill Ann Press a Danish-American artist living in Copenhagen, Hamburg based Nils Peters and Steffen Kindt originally grown up in Germany but living in Copenhagen.

Danish Films on Screen - 8.6. - 12.6.2019

In collaboration with Metropolis Kino Hamburg Move the North presented five days of Danish cinema in Hamburg and welcomed some international guests. Danish actresses Ditte Hansen and Louise Mieritz presented their 2018 hit -the satire Ditte & Louise- which earned the most Danish award nomminations in 2018. 

OFF-Festival director Birgitte Weinberger came to Hamburg to introduce her Odense film festival and showcased a selcetion of her favorite short films. 

And Jack Stevenson, the director of Copenhagen’s well known off-cinema Huset-Biograf brought two films celebrating the 50th anniversary of the era of abolition of censorship in Denmark in 1969.

Gin & Jazz - 24.5.2019

Move the North kicked off the 2019 cultural program in Hamburg with the German-Danish-Swedish Music Lounge „Gin&Jazz“


The City of Stade send the Karlshamn Straßenkapelle to perform with Danish musician Jonathan Fjord Bredholt and German Actor Andreas Grötzinger. The event was officially opened by Rolf Barnim Foth from the Hamburg Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation.

Stay tuned for upcoming events
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