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Hidden Hamburg / Hamburg

Rediscover Hamburg from three different perspectives presented by three Hamburg artists in the exhibition "Hidden Hamburg". Participate and write your own story about the exhibited art during the workshop „ArtStories“ under the guidance of Danish actress Anette Sörensen-Habel. As a Danish teacher she will be there to assist you in case  you would like to formulate your art story in the Danish language. On the follow up day of the workshop, the Art Stories will be read and presented to the public.


Dates & Events:

Exhibition Hidden Hamburg: 27.6.2019 - 31.8.2019    

Workshop ArtStories: 27.7.2019 (Registration via - participants limited to 10 art story writers)    

Reading ArtStories: 8.8.2019 at18:30

Event location:

Pure Photography & Gallery for Art, Media and Design, Glashüttenstrasse 108, 20357 Hamburg, Germany


Opening hours:

Mon, Wed, Th 13 - 18 o'clock

Sa 15 - 18 o'clock and by appointment


Phone: 040 76 48 63 20

About the artists:

Annabelle Hoffmann detaches herself from familiar motives, merging various facets of the city -such as wild street art or architecture- in her collages, thus redefining Hamburg’s charm and character.

Heike Baltruweit approaches the city as a natural exhibition space, finding abstract aesthetic compositions in reflections on water, concrete walls, marauded pavement and in abandoned factory buildings. Her unedited photographs resemble handcrafted paintings.

Inka Uzoma is best known for her bronze monument of famous Hamburg actress Heidi Kabel, placed in the city centre. With her expressive bronze sculptures, Inka Uzoma wants to irritate and arouse the curiosity of the viewer and make them grasp her art with their hands.


Stay tuned for upcoming events
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