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Music / Hamburg
Hvalfugl - Guest performance


In the fall of 2018, the three friends who together formed Hvalfugl back in 2015, entered a recording studio in northern England to record the music that would become their second album. The album is called “Som En Faldskærm", and describes the feeling of plunging into free fall at the risk of crashing to the ground, eventually feeling the parachute carrying one floaPng through the air. For the three friends in Hvalfugl, the music has been their parachute, and it can best be described as calming yet engaging. Between the cheerful and mournful themes, Hvalfugl spans its parachute and lets the listener float freely in a timeless melancholy.

When: 05.04.2019

Where: Dänische Seemanskirche, Ditmar-Koel-Straße 2, 20459 Hamburg


Music Video Hvalfugl:


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