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International Digital Conference

Fair Pay

WHEN: Wednesday 16.6.21 9:30-13:00



Henrike von Platen, Fair Pay Innovation Lab

Dr. Uta Meier-Gräwe

Bettina Metz, UN Women Deutschland

Sandra Schumacher,  Coach and Trainer

Meike Büscher,  Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Manuela Barišić,  Bertelsmann Stiftung

Moderated by: Barbara Scherle


The event is free of charge but you will ned to register.


The detailed program and information on how to register can be found here:


It is common knowledge that in most countries women earn less than men for delivering the same quality of work. How can this situation be changed? How do we achieve, that women get paid fairly? Examples from Scandinavian countries show how to get there. In this virtual conference, with international top-class speakers from Germany and the Scandinavian region, we will investigate the topic with lectures, discussions, workshops, films and much more.


Event by: Hanseatic City of Stade, Gleichstellungsbeauftragte der Hansestadt Stade und Gleichberechtigung und Vernetzung e.V., Hannover, supported by Move the North und funded by: Niedersächsischen Ministerium für Soziales, Gesundheit und Gleichstellung and Amt für regionale Landesentwicklung Lüneburg, Europe Direct. 

HAP - Theatre - Copenhagen - 05.04. - 13.04.2024
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