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Theatre / Hamburg

Time Travel and Stand Up - Double Feature




The English Theatre of Hamburg presents a choice of Scandic theatre presentations as part of their summer festival.


In the first part of this double feature Lisa Mårtensson from Malmö presents a character who’s wild imagination has brought her to a conclusion that time travel is possible. In this widely imaginative performance we find out exactly how! A fascinating and gripping adventure that takes us beyond the theatre walls and gives us a whole new perspective on ourselves, time and the universe.


After a short break we are entertained by the hilarious British Stand Up comedian Jefferson Bond from Copenhagen who might not change our perspective on the universe but instead give us an evening of laughter we are sure to carry with us for a long time to come.



Where: The English Theatre of Hamburg at: Lerchenfeld 4, 22081 Hamburg, Germany

When: 13.07. - 16.07.2021




Time Traveler

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