Hamburg / Outdoor Stage

Hamburger Kultur International


As part of the Hamburger Kultursommer, Move the North in collaboration with The English Theatre of Hamburg are excited to present: “Hamburger Kultur International”. Join us for our two week outdoors festival program at the Marzipanfabrik and enjoy music, theatre, literature and more. The entrance is free.​​​​​​​​​​​​


​When: 19.07.- 01.08. 2021 

Where: Drilling Bar / Marzipanfabrik  (Altona/Bahrenfeld). Haus 4 beim Schornstein, Friesenweg 4, 22763 Hamburg


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Performances will be held safely according to all current Corona Health Authority recommendations and with restricted seating. Guest must register via the Luca App or paper sheet. 

Gefördert im Rahmen des Kultursommers Hamburg.



19:30  Mark Lyndon: How to be a Hamburger

In his successful stage programme, British actor and moderator Marc Lyndon reflects his experiences with the citizens of Hamburg. He infers comedic conclusions about the different national characters from everyday observations. Mark Lyndon studied literature and theatre in London and moved to Hamburg in 1982. In the Hanseatic city, among others, he worked for the University Players and the English Theatre.


21:00  DMH


With a unique mixture of groovy and melancholic electro, pop melodies, folk sounds and ethnic elements, the three musicians from DMH inspire their audience again and again! Their critically acclaimed cover versions of the Depeche-Mode hits "Never Let me down again" and "Canned Heats" have already reached over half a million streams on Spotify. DMH is a German-Danish-Swedish collaboration between guitarist Peter Musebrink / Deep Dive Corp. from Bremen, the Copenhagen DJ Mads Nordheim / Mashti Project and the singer Sebastian Lilja / Hush Forever from Malmö.

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