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“The people of Rome only ask for dignity, but the most powerful man of the age will give them only oppression, in blood and scorn. Coriolanus is Shakespeare’s story of the dangers of ego, of arrogance and of narcissism.”

The newly founded Københavns Shakespeare Kompagni is presenting the world premiere of Niels Brunses' translation of the original Shakespeare text, performed by a woman! The first time (as far as we can tell) that Coriolanus has ever been performed by one actor in two languages. You can catch the show in English or Danish.

Directed by Joseph Sherlock, known to theatre audiences in Copenhagen and Malmö. In the role of Coriolanus: Sarah Dahl Hasselgren


When: 11.04. – 17.04.2022

Where: Bådteatret as part of Ubåden, Nyhavn 16, 1051 København



Further Information:


Københavns Shakespeare Kompagni exists to make powerful, beautiful, multilingual theatre. Their debut production is Coriolanus, performed by one actor, in both English and Danish from the 11th to the 17th of April at Ubåden/Bådteatret. Visit their facebook page here:

Performances in Danish: 

Monday 11.4. at 19.00 / Wednesday 13.4. at 19.00 / Thursday 14.4. at 15.00 / Saturday 16.4. at 20.00

Performances in English: 

Tuesday 12.4. at 19.00 / Thursday 14.4. at 20.00 / Friday 15.4. at 20.00 / Saturday 16.4. at 15.00 / Sunday 17.4. at 20.00

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Photo: Joseph Sherlock

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