Move the North - Music & Presentation - Weissenhäuser Strand

For two days in 2021, the Fehmarnbelt Days will provide a broad platform for stakeholders from all over the emerging Fehmarnbelt Region and beyond to exchange ideas and experiences, to discuss key issues and further cross-border collaboration. 


On Sunday, 30 May 2021, Move the North will perform on stage of the Fehmarnbelt Days “Bürger-Festival”. The event holds the mission of having fun, getting information and inspiration about the Region while also offering opportunities to participate in different workshops, activities, panels and interactions. Move the North will further present the Hamburg-Copenahgen/Malmö cross-border-festival and further projects of the collaboration platform at its own information stand. Come and join us while following the festivals slogan: It is all about participation and joint action. Be brave and join in! It is your chance to shape our common future and to demonstrate that together we could reach even more.


Further information about the Move the North performance and presentation will be announced shortly.

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B.B. Art by Barbara Böttcher, Exhibition, Hamburg, cancelled

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