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Move the North initiators Jana Pulkrabek and Petja Pulkrabek are featured as “Hamburg Citizans of the month“ in the SZENE HAMBURG January issue for creating a vibrant cultural exchange corridor between Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmö.

Looking at five years of German-Danish cultural exchange projects, Jana Pulkrabek has set up HIT-House of International Theatre in 2017 with her local Copenhagen partner Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen. “Establishing a home for international theatre in the heart of Copenhagen has set the groundstone to take the international engagement further and initiate a joint strategy concept for cultural partners to collaborate beyond country borders. Working with such amazing artists in all three countries serves as a true inspiration to promote each others works and different artistic values and to create a German-Skandinavian cross-border-festival that connects culture, regions, people and ideas.“

Ottenser Organ Spring - Music - Hamburg - 7.4., 21.4. and 5.5.2024
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