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Former Copenhagen Mayor Pia Allerslev is Move the North Ambassador.

Former Mayor of Copenhagen (2008-217) Pia Allerslev has joined Move the North as project Ambassador. In her time as Copenhagen’s Mayor for Culture and Leisure (2008-2013) Pia Allerslev initiated a strong cultural collaboration between Copenhagen and Hamburg bringing forth numerous of cross-border projects.

„One oft he most important lessons I learned in my six years as Mayor for Culture and Leisure in the City of Copenhagen was; if you want to make an impact, if you want people to discover the similarities between different cultures, countries, religions and mentalities, if you want people to reflect and react –use theatre, music and art.“

With strong cultural ties and charity involvement, Pia’s outstanding engagement to support the projects she believs in -which includes running a 250 kilometer marathon in the Namibia desert ! – Move the North has found the perfect support to promote the idea of cultutal excange across the Balic Sea.



Photo: Pia Allerslev

Ottenser Organ Spring - Music - Hamburg - 7.4., 21.4. and 5.5.2024
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