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HamburgAmbassador Jens-Peter Saul is Move the North Patron.

We are pleased to announce, that Jens-Peter Saul, HamburgAmbassador and former president of the German-Danish Chamber of Commerce (2012-2018) will support Move the North as patron 2019.

Jens-Peter Saul is CEO of the Ramboll Group, Denmark’s a leading engineering, design and consultancy company with more than 13.000 employs globally. As a sustainable society consultant Ramboll establishes strategies and delivers solutions

focusing on reducing CO2 emissions and adapting to climate change. In cities around the world the comapany has demonstrated that with the right planning -combining climate friendly solutions, livability and growth, more resilient cities and societies can be built.

As HamburgAmbassdor in Copenhagen and with Ramboll managing the engeneering work for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel he stands a strong mission in promoting the process of connecting Greater Copenhagen with the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg.

"The Fehmarnbelt crossing doubles the travel speed between Hamburg and Copenhagen. We have a real chance here to develop the region into an essential focal point in Northern Europe.  From my point of view, it's all about how we transform the German-Danish corridor into an integrated, functional, urban region. We have to start now - with very specific projects which connect Greater Copenhagen with Hamburg and inspire the cities to grow closer together.


Photo: Jens-Peter Saul

Stay tuned for upcoming events
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