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Former Mayor of Copenhagen: Pia Allerslev is Move the North Ambassador

„One of the most important lessons l learned in my 6 years as Mayor for Culture and Leisure in the City of Copenhagen was;  if you want to make an impact, if you want people to discover the similarities between different cultures, countries, religions and mentalities, if you want people to reflect and react – use theatre, music and art."

Move the Norths combines all these things, and allows us to remember, and maybe even reinvent, the close bond between our 3 countries – and our region. This festival will have a fantastic, relevant and beautiful impact in the corporation between our nations in the years to come.“


Pia Allerslev - Move the North Ambassador 

Former Mayor in Copenhagen (2008-2017)

Bach is all around - 3.12. and 17.12.2023 - Hamburg
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