Move the North connects Culture, People, Regions and Ideas!

The Collaboration Platform

Move the North is an international collaboration platform and joint strategy project where partners from Germany, Denmark and Sweden cooperate in order to create a vibrant and dynamic bridge across the Baltic Sea. 


With all-year-round events, Move the North presents and promotes culture of all brands, political talks and special network initiatives for the economy sector. Key element of the collaboration platform is to feature projects and events which connect participants from all three countries and regions. 

The Concept


Germany, Denmark and Sweden count more than one hundred million inhabitans, of which nine million citizens live in the regions between Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmö. For many years the cities have been actively pursuing closer collaboration with the ambition to jointly position the cities as a Northern European Centre for dynamic growth.

Along with the Øresund fixed link between Copenhagen and Malmö, the construction of the Fehmernbelt tunnel will bring Scandinavia and Central Europe closer together, opening a multitude of possibilities by creating a new European Region.


"We firmly believe in the power of culture. This is exactly what Move the North is about: We are a festival and network platform at the same time and we want to allow the Nordic regions to grow closer together through the use of cultural exchange, cross-border collaboration and joint co-productions and to unite in setting new impulses."

The Festival

Move the North’s main focus is to enhance cultural bridges between the regions of Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmö and bringing together artists of all disciplines and regions. Besides the exchange of guest productions such as: theatre, music, film and art, new international cross-border projects are being produced and presented in all three countries.

The festival kicked of in 2019 presenting 100 days of cultural activity and presenting a wide range of events including filmdays, exhibitions, concerts, theatre collaborations and network innitiatives.


Move the North tied collaboration with the Cities of Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmö, Stade, Odense and Lübeck, inviting the people of the regions to enjoy culture, to network and to visit and to connect beyond country borders.

​Culture connects people. Cross-culture is a dynamic tool to create personal networks and improve relations between individuals, regions and countries.

  • To connect the regions through cultural ties and joint innitiatives.

  • To mutually brand Northern European culture and values.

  • To create new cross-genre trends together and promote innovative ideas.

  • To enhance international resonance and cultural tourism.

B.B. Art by Barbara Böttcher, Exhibition, Hamburg, cancelled

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