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Kultur bewegt - Culture moves - Copenhagen

Ramboll Group CEO and Hamburg Ambassador Jens-Peter Saul together with Move the North Ambassador and former Mayor for Culture and Leisure in Copenhagen, Pia Allerslev will present the international Move the North cross-border-festival at an afternoon of music and networking. In support of the City of Hamburg (Hamburg Marketing), the German Embassy in Copenhagen and in collaboration with Dansk Erhverv and the German-Danish Chamber of Commerce.


Welcome speeches by: 

Jens-Peter Saul (Move the North Patron), Pia Allerslev (Move the North Ambassador), Lars Ramme Nielsen (Director, Tourism at The Danish Chamber of Commerce), Jana Pulkrabek (Move the North) 


Followed by the concert presentation: „Danish Folk meets German Classic“ which invites you to experience a combination of Danish folk music and classical masterpieces, joyfully presented by a selected group of renowned and award-winning German and Danish musicians.




Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Orchester:  Sono Tokuda (violine)

Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Orchester:  Valentin Priebus (cello)


Stundom: Emma Kragh-Elmøe (violine)
Stundom: Villads Hoffmann (cittern)
Stundom: Julian Svejgaard (piano)



Where: NIMB Bar, Bernstorffsgade 5, 1577 København, Dänemark

When: 24.08.2021 at 17.30

Tickets: The event is upon invitation. Please inquire with before 20.08.2021


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Sono Tokuda


Valentin Priebus



Sono Tokuda was born in Tokyo. As a diplomat's daughter, she grew up in Germany and Japan. At the age of eleven she became a youth student at the Berlin University of Arts under Prof. Koji Toyoda. Sono received a state scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Culture and was awarded with the "European Kulturpreis" of the cultural foundation "Pro Europa". At the age of 14, Sono performed as a soloist in the Berlin Philharmonie and gaining her first experiences in an orchestra as an academist in the Bavarian Symphony Orchestra in Munich. Since 2006, Sono is a member of Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Orchestra. She plays a violin by Stefano Scarampella.


Valentin Priebus studied for five years with Prof. Stephan Forck at the Berlin HfM Hanns Eisler, one of those as a scholarship holder at the Ferenc Fricsay Academy of the German Symphony Orchestra Berlin. He was a member of the “Junge Deutsche Philharmonie” and the “European Union Youth Orchestra” and is the first prize winner of the International Cello Competition "Edmont Baert" in Brussels. In 2014 Valentin received the Echo Klassik award with the Berolina Ensemble for their Heinrich Hofmann recordings. Valentin Priebus has been a member of the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester since 2013. He plays a Cello by Carlo Giuseppe Testore from the early 1700s. 


The music of Stundom (formerly known as Elmøe & Hoffmann) is Nordic in its essence: Inspired by the traditional dance music from their ancestors, mixed with the classical chamber music tradition and several modern symphonic elements, achieved with a blend of the cittern, the violin and the piano. All of the music is freshly composed and arranged by Stundom, and the roots of the band members musicianship can be heard throughout the repertoire, whether it be the Swedish polska, progressive heavy metal, or Bach. In 2015 Emma Elmøe and Villads Hoffmann started as the duo Elmøe & Hoffmann and won the “new talent” prize at the Danish Music Awards Folk 2015. In 2017, the duo were joined by Danish folk pianist Julian Svejgaard Jørgensen and the trio renamed themselves to Stundom in 2020, the year they also got nominated as “Musicians of the Year” at The Danish Music Awards 2020.


Foto credits


Stundom: Mads Salbæk

Sono Tokuda: Rebecca Hoppé

Valentin Priebus: Felix Linz

Ottenser Organ Spring - Music - Hamburg - 7.4., 21.4. and 5.5.2024
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