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Music / Hamburg
Music Lounge - "Gin & Jazz"


Move the North unites artists from Sweden, Denmark and Germany and invites the audience to experience an evening of differnet music styles, combined with text passages presented by Hamburg and Malmö based actor Andreas Grötzinger.

The four Swedish musicians forming the "Karlshamn Straßenkapelle" enjoy to perform with  inner joy –as the name suggests- in the streets  and to make people feel happy and relaxed. They present well known standards and evergreens, both in jazz style and in bossa nova mixed with Swedish songs, as some waltzes for instance.

They encounter with Jonathan Fjord Bredholt from the Danish trio Hvalfugl, a group mixing the guitar, contra bass and piano with folk music traditions and the sound of Nordic Jazz. The instrumentation results in soft buth tightly composed songs that will keep you spellbound.

Move the North invites you to experience a combination of skills and artistic values to be lived and experienced in the unique setting of Drilling – a Gin Distillerie and Cocktail Bar.

From Sweden 

Berndt Sjögren:  saxophone/flute/violine

Jonas Ryberg: tuba / trumpet 

Mats Berntsson: accordeon 

Patrik Håkansson: drums


From Denmark

Jonathan Fjord Bredholt: Harmonium

From Germany
Andreas Grötzinger: Text passages

Produced by Manusarts GmbH

When: 24.05.19 at 19:30
Where: Drilling Bar / Marzipanfabrik, Haus 4 / Beim Schornstein, 22763 Hamburg

Entrance is free

Music Video Jonathan Fred Bredholm (Hvalfugl):


Ottenser Organ Spring - Music - Hamburg - 7.4., 21.4. and 5.5.2024
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