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Live music stream, Copenhagen

Nordic Music Vibes


WHEN: 15.6.2021  19.00

WHERE: Live concert stream from Copenhagen. Please use the following link.

TICKETS: The event is free of charge.



Siegmar Tonk from Hamburg 

Stundom from Copenhagen and Göteburg 

Julie Lind Quartett (Copenhagen)

Hvalfugl from Copenhagen and Aarhus 

DMH (Deep Dive Corp, Mashti, Hush Forever) from Bremen, Copenhagen and Malmö 


Move the North is excited to present four outstanding Nordic music acts. The live concert stream is moderated by musical singer Siegmar Tonk from Hamburg and head of the Move the North festival Jana Pulkrabek.



Event by: Move the North Festival in cooperation with the Hanseatic City of Stade, department City Twinning 



Co-presented by HIT'International



photo by Mads Salbæk

Julie Lind Quartet.png

Julie Lindt Quartet

photo by Julie Lindt Quartet



photo by Hvalfugl



photo by DHM


Emma Kragh-Elmøe, Villads Hoffmann, Julian Svejgaard

The music of Stundom (formerly known as Elmøe & Hoffmann) is Nordic in its essence: Inspired by the traditional dance music from their ancestors, mixed with the classical chamber music tradition and several modern symphonic elements, achieved with a blend of the cittern, the violin and the piano. In 2015 they started as the duo Elmøe & Hoffmann as a part of the young, growing Danish folk music scene. Emma Elmøe and Villads Hoffmann knew each other from the neighborhoods of Vanløse, Copenhagen, and shared a friendship even before they discovered their musical bond. Together they released a digital EP, and won the “new talent” prize at the Danish Music Awards Folk 2015. In 2017, the duo were joined by Danish folk pianist Julian Svejgaard Jørgensen. In 2018 they released their debut album "Vandkanten", with support from KODA. They were recently nominated as musicians of the year at the 2020 Danish Music Awards. 



Jonathan Fjord Bredholt, Jeppe Lavsen, Anders Juel Bomholt

Nordic roots meet lyrical jazz in the hands of the young Danish trio Hvalfugl. Capturing a duality between bright summer nights and autumnal melancholy, the music is simple and catchy, yet it contains a wide range of moods and deep undercurrents that leaves plenty of space for the listener to contemplate. The trio draws heavily on Danish and Swedish folk music traditions combined with a love for the classic ECM catalogue. But they find their own distinctive sound in the tight interplay between double bass, electric guitar, piano and harmonium. A real treat for jazz and folk music lovers alike. 


Julie Lindt Quartett

Julie Lind, Asger Søgaard, Asbjørn Kamban, Martin Lund

Julie Lind is the new Danish jazz name. She is an artist who bravely mixes an old-fashioned, romantic jazz universe with modern popped effects. Her vocal is sweet and charming. The lyrics are on the one hand immediate and cozy and on the other hand subtle with their understated humor and melancholy. Listening to her newest EP ‘All that’s wrong with me’ is a bit like Copenhagen on a peaceful Sunday morning before 9am; no one has to achieve anything, but the city is still alive - some are on their way home, while others are on their way out. You get associations to world stars like Billie Holiday and Norah Jones. On stage with her are some of Denmark’s finest jazz musicians; Asger Søgaard on guitar, Asbjørn Kamban on trumpet and Martin Lund on doublebass. Together the quartet enchant their audiences with an incredible presence that lasts a lifetime.



DeepDiveCorp, Mashti & Hush Forever

DMH is the collaboration between Deep Dive Corp. from Germany, Mashti Project from Denmark and Hush Forever from Sweden. Their unique blend of groovey melancholic electronica, pop-hookey melodies, folk and ethnic elements has really found it’s way into the heart of the listeners. Critically acclaimed versions of Depeche Modes ”Never Let me down again” and Canned Heats ”On the road again” has over half a million streams only on Spotify.  The band has an inspiring working relationship with the american songwriter and poet Ingrid Chavez, who has been a close collaborator with the artist known as Prince. She co-wrote the song ”Justify my love” performed by Madonna. Mashti & Deep dive corp have produced a new version of the song featuring the band with Ingrid Chavez for vocals. 

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