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Hamburg / Outdoor Stage

Nordic Summer Vibes

When: 23.09.2022

Where: Planten un Blomen, Freiluftbühne in den Großen Wallanlagen, Glacischaussee, 20359 Hamburg

The entrance is free!

17:30 - Reading

Memory of the lady from Bayreuth - Arne Nielsen

From 2015 to 2020 Arne “Donnie” Nielsen wrote poetry and short prose for a lady from Bayreuth. For the first time now, he shares with us the stories which the late lady liked best. A unique occasion and special preview, since two of the stories will be published as a pixi book this October titled “Herz zu Herz” by the Hamburg Literaturquickie Verlag.

Arne Nielsen's debut play “Die Vodkagespräche” is currently showing at the Hamburger Kammerspiele and the Danish-Norwegian born author, whose cult book “Donny has a new car and drives a little too fast”, was turned into a movie and premiered at the Hamburg Film Festival, is further looking forward the international opening of  “Vodka Talks” the international debut of his theatre play to premiere this autumn in Scandinavia.


19:00 - Music

The Pop Swings – Pop goes Gypsy Jazz


Coincidence brought singer-songwriter Lilian Gold together with guitarist Patrick Pagels, but one thing was immediately crystal clear – this constellation fits! Two creative minds in music who think and perform alike have found each other. Giving their favorite soul and jazz pieces a new look, they always express their creativity through their very own and personal touch and dare to transform well known cultural assets, such as Rilke's texts to music. Whatever they touch, they turn into gold and let it shine on stage. The worlds of sounds Patrick creates live and spontaneous with his guitar are the fertile ground for Lilian's inexhaustible creative ideas to sprout.

Lilian Gold is a singer-songwriter and native of Hamburg with Ghanaian roots. She loves to enchant people with music - both with selected covers and with her own songs.
As a guitarist, composer and arranger, Patrick Pagels is an active part of the German jazz and soul scene. Most recently, he attracted attention as a producer of various albums for "Toned", "Le Spin Ovale" and Jazzecho winner Caro Josée and Coco Zhao (China's jazz voice No. 1). In 2010 he founded his own label "EAR MY DEAR MUSIC".


20:30 - Music

DMH – Smooth Electro

With a unique mixture of groovy and melancholic electro, pop melodies, folk sounds and ethnic elements, the three musicians from DMH know how to inspire their audience all over again. Their critically acclaimed covers of Depeche-Mode hits "Never Let Me Down Again" and "Canned Heats" have racked up over half a million streams on Spotify.

DMH is a German-Danish-Swedish collaboration between composer and guitarist Peter Musebrink/Deep Dive Corp. from Bremen, the Copenhagen DJ and composer Mashti and the singer Sebastian Lilja / Hush Forever from Malmö. In the constallation of this trio they have started to regularly perform as part of Move the North.


​​​​​​Gefördert durch die Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg

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