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Hamburg / Outdoor Stage

Nordic Summer Vibes

When: 24.09.2022

Where: Planten un Blomen, Freiluftbühne in den Großen Wallanlagen, Glacischaussee, 20359 Hamburg

The entrance is free!

17:30 - Improv Comedy – Musical Performance

The Fallen Sundays

At the beginning of the show, the audience is asked  to suggest the title of a musical. Based on that single suggestion, the theater company The Fallen Sunday (Mia Fugl, Charly Waller, Jakob Bo Storjohann, Kate Pemberton, Silje Balsnæs and Øyvind Fossum) develops a spontaneous and live on stage musical, in which all characters, scenes, songs and dance routines are completely improvised. World premiere in Hamburg!



19:00 - Music

French chansons with Nordic charme

OUBLIE LOULOU presents a suitcase full of far-away memories and evokes in their audience the irrepressible desire of wanderlust. Though France is South, the desire is Nordic as well and lead singer Anja Treskatis has more than once fascinated on the Nordic Stages with Poetic Sounds because in the end, don’t we all just dream to be be carried away by the music - Allez, en route


20:30 - Music

Marshall Titus - Soul Music

»My music is a true reflection of who I am, an artist who is not dictated by current trends or bound by tradition. I am guided by the longing of my creative soul.«

Born and raised in Chicago, Marshall Titus is an award-winning singer-songwriter, actor and producer who began his career in high school singing in local bands and vocal groups before finding national fame through a talent show. His musical journey took him to Europe, including Paris and Hamburg, where he lived and worked for nine years.

1_18_NSV_Slides - Marshall Titus.jpg

Gefördert durch die Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg

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