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Theatre / Copenhagen
Partytime - A Pinter Trilogy Part II


Six women gather for a party which will decide the fate of their nation. Pinter’s famous geopolitical drama brings to the stage a public reckoning based on intrigue and rebellion. Women are in charge and the men have gone into hiding. “Makes the old pulse go rat-at-tat-tat,” says one of them. “Best party I’ve been to in years."



Audrey Cremoux, Anna Elijasz, Tuulia Lindholm, Seren Oroszvary, Tove Simonsen, Michelle Bak, Pelle Sand, Oscar Serin
Directed by: Michael Wighton

Scenographer: Jonathon Perry

Light and Sound Design: Paul Damade

Stage Manager: Angelique Giroir


A collaboration by Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre and Københavns Film og Teaterskole


Where: HIT-House of International Theatre performing at: LITERATURHAUS – Møllegade 7, 2200 København N
When: 13.-28.2.2019



Photos: Filip Misiak Orestes

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