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Music / Lübeck, Copenhagen
Poetic Sounds - Live jazz meets poetry and songs

A Poetry Concert  Part II

Three Danish Jazz musicians including poet and singer Rasmus Rhode perform with three German musician/singers and experiment within the realm of jazz, poetry, pop and chanson.

After a first collaboration in 2018 Poetic Sounds performed for four sold out shows in Hamburg - Club Die Insel - Levantehaus, and Copenhagen  at Stardust Huset-KBH, HIT-House of International and Ramboll Head Quarters for the German-Danish Business Award 2018.

In 2019 Poetic Sounds will resume with two performances in Lübeck and Copenhagen to create a new German-Danish program which combines different music styles with poetry.

With: Jana Pulkrabek, Isabel Trinkaus, Siegmar Tonk, Rasmus Rhode, Jeppe Closs, Asger Søgaard


06.11.2019     Lübeck HanseBelt Zukunftskongress   (zukunftskongress.hansebelt.de)

22.11.2019     Copenhagen Huset-KPH   (https://huset-kbh.dk/event/poetic-sounds-live-jazz-meets-poetry-and-songs/)

08.01.2020     Hamburg (to be announced)

Photos: Madis Luik

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