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Music, Hamburg

Poetic Sounds - Live jazz meets poetry and songs


For  the Opening of the 2020 Move the North cultural program, three Danish Jazz musicians including poet and singer Rasmus Rhode will perform with four German musician/singers/actors and experiment within the realm of jazz, poetry, pop and songs.

Opening speech by HamburgAmbassador in Copenhagen and Move the North Patron Jens-Peter Saul.



Asbjørn Larsen Kamban (Trumpet)

Asger Søgaard (guitar)

Rasmus Rhode (vocals & poetry)

Siegmar Tonk (piano, vocals)

Jana Pulkrabek (vocals)

Isabel Trinkaus (vocals)

Special guest: Andreas Grötzinger (vocals & text)

​When: 08.01.2020 at 20.00 (doors open at 19.30)

Where: Drilling Bar / Marzipanfabrik  (Altona/Bahrenfeld). Haus 4 beim Schornstein, Friesenweg 4, 22763 Hamburg


The entrance is free.

HAP - Theatre - Copenhagen - 05.04. - 13.04.2024
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