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Sounds of the North - Music - Hamburg

Smooth Electro meets classic.


In Sounds of the North several German and Scandinavian musicians will unite different music styles to create a harmonizing sound.


In our first "Sounds of the North" concert the two international renowned composers and producers Mashti Mads Nordheim (Copenhagen) and Peter Musebrink (Bremen) will be joined by Danish pianist Julian Svejgaard (Copenhagen) to improvise on the sounds of Maurice Ravel's Sonate for Violin and Violoncello  - performed by virtuoso artists Sono Tokuda and Valentin Priebus from the Hamburg NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra. 


The piece by Ravel is a chamber music symphony in four movements and a veritable universe of sound. The work, composed between 1920 and 1922, represents a turning point in Ravel's compositional oeuvre, it marks "an extreme turnaround," as the composer himself admitted. For "Sounds of the North" Mashti Mads Nordheim and Peter Musebrink will improvise on the sounds of Ravel's Sonate accompanied by live piano tunes. 



Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Orchester:  Sono Tokuda (violine)

Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Orchester:  Valentin Priebus (cello)


Mashti Mads Nordheim

Peter Musebrink

Julian Svejgaard (piano)



Produced by Manusarts GmbH


When: 22.09.21 at 21:00
Where: Drilling Bar / Marzipanfabrik, Haus 4 / Beim Schornstein, 22763 Hamburg


Tickets: The event is upon invitation. Please inquire with by 21.09.2021


Corona Safety regulations: 

Restricted seating. 3G (geimpft, getestet, genesen): Please provide a negative test result or proof of vaccination. Guest must register via the Luca App or paper sheet. 


Sono Tokuda


Mashti Mads Nordheim


Valentin Priebus


Peter Musebrink

Julian Edit2.jpg

Julian Svejgaard

Sono Tokuda was born in Tokyo. As a diplomat's daughter, she grew up in Germany and Japan. At the age of eleven she became a youth student at the Berlin University of Arts under Prof. Koji Toyoda. Sono received a state scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Culture and was awarded with the "European Kulturpreis" of the cultural foundation "Pro Europa". At the age of 14, Sono performed as a soloist in the Berlin Philharmonie and gaining her first experiences in an orchestra as an academist in the Bavarian Symphony Orchestra in Munich. Since 2006, Sono is a member of Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Orchestra. She plays a violin by Stefano Scarampella.


Valentin Priebus studied for five years with Prof. Stephan Forck at the Berlin HfM Hanns Eisler, one of those as a scholarship holder at the Ferenc Fricsay Academy of the German Symphony Orchestra Berlin. He was a member of the “Junge Deutsche Philharmonie” and the “European Union Youth Orchestra” and is the first prize winner of the International Cello Competition "Edmont Baert" in Brussels. In 2014 Valentin received the Echo Klassik award with the Berolina Ensemble for their Heinrich Hofmann recordings. Valentin Priebus has been a member of the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester since 2013. He plays a Cello by Carlo Giuseppe Testore from the early 1700s. 

Mashti Mads Nordheim an International renowned composer, musician and producerhas been playing and making music all his life. As son of the world famous Norwegian music composer Arne Nordheim he was born into a musical family. Norwegian from origin he has been living and working in Copenhagen since 1979. Mashti performs in several constellations, such as Mashti Project, Walet & Nordheim, DJean & Masonaise and DMH. DMH, a three-country constellation between Mashti, DEEP DIVE COPR and Hush Forever is regularly performing between Bremen, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmö.


Peter Musebrink is the person behind the DJ-Alterego P.M.FM, as well as the music projects DEEP DIVE CORP., IBIPHONIC and CLASSIFIED ELEKTRIX. He worls as composer, producer, programmer and guitarist in the studio and on stage ... As DEEP DIV CORP. Peter has released ) albums with concerts in the legendary DubClub in Vienna, at the DJ Awards in Pacha / Ibiza, at Space 550 in San Francisco, Festival4Dreams in Copenhagen ans MojoClub in / Hamburg among others. He especially enjoys performing as part of the trio DMH together with Mashti M. Nordheim (Copenhagen) and Sebastian Lilja (Malmö). 


Julian Svejgaard is one of the thriving new names within the Danish folk music scene. As solo pianist his compositions are inspired by Nordic tunes, impressionistic classical music, and a hint of rag time. He also regularly performs as part of two exciting Danish folk bands, „Stundom" and "Mads Hansens Kapel“. Julian was nominated for the Danish Music Awards Folk in the category “musician of the year“ in 2020 and is looking forward to the release of his full-length solo album “Skyggelys” (Shadow lights), which is inspired by the remaining nocturnal sources of light after sunset. 

Foto credits


Sono Tokuda: Rebecca Hoppé

Valentin Priebus: Felix Linz

Mashti Mads Nordheim: Mashti Mads Nordheim

Peter Musebrink: Peter Musebrink

Julian Svejgaard: Julian Svejbaard

Ottenser Organ Spring - Music - Hamburg - 7.4., 21.4. and 5.5.2024
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