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Theatre / Skillinge (Sweden)

The Fores(t)empest

A new dance, puppet and performance stage play, under the direction of Mariana Araoz, by TMR-Sweden/ Maison de l’équilibre-France/Collectif Masque

Did you know that 40 million years ago the Öresund was a forest of birch trees, that today lies trapped under the sea between Sweden and its neighbours?

The Fores(t)empest is a stage play based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, inspired by Nordic and
Argentinian folktale, using seven handpicked Swedish and international actors/performers to create a story on stage of movement, magic and adventure. Follow the tale of Miranda, herself trapped on a remote, magical island, with an overbearing father Prospero and a lump of precious amber, as she deliberates between 2 princes – one of them called Caliban. Shadowed by a chorus of healers, led by the magic of the spirit Ariel, follow Miranda below the waves where she meets an alter ego Anahi, trapped inside a tree on the polluted seabed for the last 500 years...

The Fores(t)empest carries the audience on a dramatic thematic journey between land and sea,
using Shakespearean, Latin American traditional fairy tale and modern text blended with puppetry, mime, physical theatre, song and dance, to create a folk tale of our time.

After successfully directing performances of her critically-acclaimed Lady MacBeth at Skillinge Teater in 2022, French-Argentinian theatre director Mariana Araoz returns to Österlen and to Skillinge Teater in September, with a one-off chance for you to see a brand-new piece of original performance theatre. Like all of the director Mariana’s work, this colourful performance piece is strongly influenced by traditions from the world of puppetry, burlesque, Greek tragedy and drama.

Cast: Nils Peder Holm, Pelle Hanaeus, Boel Marie Larsson, Vanessa Poole, Nidia Martinez Barbieri, Corrado Di Lorenzo, Emilie Strandberg
Directed by: Mariana Araoz
Written by: Mariana Araoz


by TMR-Sweden/ Maison de l’équilibre-France/Collectif Masque

Where: Skillinge, Sweden
When: 27.07. - 01.08.2021 Thursday 14.09.23 & 15.9.23

Where: Stenkrossen Lund, Sweden
When: 18.9.23. & 19.9.23

A multi-lingual performance in Swedish

Photo curtsey of: TMR-Sweden/ Maison de l’équilibre-France/Collectif Masque



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