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Sylvia - by A. R. Gurney

New York couple Greg & Kate find after 22 comfortable years of raising kids & life in the suburbs, they are now facing empty nest syndrome, the onset of middle age and the frustrations of marriage in Manhattan. Then in wanders Sylvia, a street-smart mixture of stray lab and poodle, en route from Central Park.Together with Sylvia, Greg and his wife discover the power of nature, the meaning of life, for men and women, a bone of contention and a whole lotta laughs.

Cast: Vanessa Poole, Robin Gott, Kevin Benn, Karen Olrich-White

Directed by Joseph Sherlock

A production by Playmate Theatre Malmö, Malmö’s only full time English-language theatre company, established in 2017, offering quality English-language theatre, small-cast intimate plays, winning critical acclaim in both Sweden and Denmark. Directed by Joseph Sherlock from Copenhagen.

Where: Bastionen Teater, Norra Vallgatan 28, 211 25 Malmö, Schweden

When: 22. -25.10.2020

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The Performance is in English

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