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Move the North connects culture, people, regions and ideas!


Move the North creates cultural bridges between the cities of Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmö and brings together artists from all disciplines. As a three country cross-border festival and international collaboration platform, Move the North presents and promotes culture of all brands, as well as network initiatives on an all-year-round basis.


A new cross-border theatre brand is in action! HIT INTERNATIONAL THEATRE ARTS presents exciting English-language theatre projects, which combine creatives from Scandinavia, Germany and the UK. As part of the MOVE THE NORTH platform, the brand creates cultural ties in Europe and between the regions of Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmö.

For further information visit the brand website here.


Photo by Filip Orestes Misiak


Annual Open-Air Festival
Move the North is delighted to be presenting an annual open-air summer festival in Hamburg. After presenting „Hamburger Kultur International“ - a two week festival as part of the Hamburger Kultursommer 2021 in collaboration with The English Theatre of Hamburg, the Scandinavian theme takes focus this year during Move the North’s “Nordic Summer Vibes” in September 2022. We thank the City of Hamburg for their financial support and are excited to welcome international guests from Copenhagen and Malmö. View last years trailer here.

The 2022 festival was presented on the Outdoor Stage of Hamburg’s prestigious Planten un Blomen and you can view a program summery in German here


Szene Hamburg

We are back! Move the North initiators Jana and Petja Pulkrabek are honored to be featured as one of the ten chosen cultural players featured in SZENE HAMBURG presenting thoughts and voices of Hamburg's cultural scene about the Hamburger Kultursommer. Read the article here.

...more (in German)


Former Mayor of Copenhagen: Pia Allerslev is Move the North Ambassador

„One of the most important lessons l learned in my 6 years as Mayor for Culture and Leisure in the City of Copenhagen was;  if you want to make an impact, if you want people to discover the similarities between different cultures, countries, religions and mentalities, if you want people to reflect and react – use theatre, music and art."

... more


Hamburg Citizen of the Month

"Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmö - three cities, one festival. With their collaboration platform Move the North, project initiators Jana Pulkrabek and Petja Pulkrabek create cultural bridges across borders and bring together artists from all disciplines.“ Featured in SZENE HAMBURG as Hamburg Citizen of the month for creating a vibrant cultural corridor between Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Read the article here.



Setting cultural impulses for the future.

For many years the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg and Greater Copenhagen have been actively pursuing closer collaboration. The Fehmarnbelt fixed link and the accelerated transport routes will allow two of the most attractive regions of Europe to move closer together. Move the North makes culture an important alley on this path. Through a wide range of cross-border activities, Move the North creates cultural bridges and connects the people of the regions across the Baltic Sea. As a cross-border-festival and network platform for cultural exchange and collaboration, Move the North is present all throughout the year within the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg, Greater Copenhagen, STRING and the Fehmarnbelt Region, bringing together artists from all disciplines and regions. 

Calender Season 2024:

Don't mention the War


Copenhagen - Theatre


Ottenser Organ Spring

07.04., 21.04. & 05.05.2024

Hamburg - Music


5.4. - 13.4.2024

Copenhagen - Theatre

Mashti & Jean Von Baden + Guests


Copenhagen - Music

Calender Season 2023:


Bach is all around - A concert trilogy

19.11., 03.12., 17.12.2023

Hamburg - Music

Meet & Mingle


Copenhagen - Network

Mashti & Jean Von Baden + Guests


Copenhagen - Music

Hush Forever live and more


Copenhagen - Music

Factory Drop - Team Premiere


Hamburg - Film

The Fores(t)empest


Sweden - Theatre

Meet & Mingle


Kiel - Film

Mashti & Jean


Copenhagen - Music

Vodka Talks

20. - 24.04.2023

Copenhagen - Theatre

People in Shorts

23. - 25.03.2023

Malmö - Theatre



Calender Season 2022:

Vodka Talks

11. - 13.11.2022

Malmö - Theatre

Sunday in Sodom

23.09. - 24.09.2022

Lund - Theatre


Nordic Summer Vibes

19.09. - 25.09.2022

Hamburg - Outdoor-Festival



Bremen - Music

Peter Musebrink & Mashti Mads Nordheim


Bremen - Music

Network Meeting

02. - 04.06.2022

Copenhagen - Network

Sunday in Sodom

21.04. - 27.04.2022

Malmö - Theatre



11.04. - 17.04.2022

Copenhagen - Theater

Mashti & Jean von Baden + Guests


Copenhagen - Music


Ottenser Organ Spring - Music - Hamburg - 7.4., 21.4. and 5.5.2024
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