Hamburg Citizen of the Month

"Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmö - three cities, one festival. With their collaboration platform Move the North, project initiators Jana Pulkrabek and Petja Pulkrabek create cultural bridges across borders and bring together artists from all disciplines.“ Featured in SZENE HAMBURG as Hamburg Citizen of the month for creating a vibrant cultural corridor between Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Read the article here.


Collaboration with Hamburg Marketing GmbH

The Hamburg Marketing GmbH is awarding HamburgAmbassador Jens-Peter Saul a project budget for the implementation of the Move the North initiative and is grateful for his excellent commitment to the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. As patron of Move the North Jens-Peter Saul will introduce the collaboration platform in Copenhagen and host an event which combines a cultural presentation and network initiative.

Photo: Vallbracht

Femern A/S is Move the North Gold Sponsor

Move the North and Femern A/S tie the knot for further collaboration in 2020/21. With visionary thinking Femern A/S will be building the world’s longest road and rail tunnel to connect Denmark and Germany. As Gold sponsor, Fermern A/S supports Move the North to culturally connect the Hamburg Metropolitan Region with Greater Copenhagen and to strengthen cultural cross-border activities in order to inspire the cities and their inhabitants to grow closer together. We are looking forward to this partnership! 


Move the North at Hansebelt Future Concress

Move the North was invited to perform at the HanseBelt Zukunftskongress in Lübeck. Hansebelt e.V. is dedicated to strengthen the HanseBelt region as part of the European future axis Hamburg-Copenhagen/Malmö and to lead the way to innovative new projects - with their annual congress setting essential impulses for the future. CEO of HanseBelt e.V., Consul Bernd Jorkisch introduced Move the North to the congress participants with the aim to establish close ties and collaboration. Move the North is looking forward to future collaborations.

Former Mayor of Copenhagen: Pia Allerslev is Move the North Ambassador

„One of the most important lessons l learned in my 6 years as Mayor for Culture and Leisure in the City of Copenhagen was;  if you want to make an impact, if you want people to discover the similarities between different cultures, countries, religions and mentalities, if you want people to reflect and react – use theatre, music and art."

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HamburgAmbassador Jens Peter Saul is Move the North Patron

„In today's world, economic regions face growing competition on the global market. The joining of forces of the Greater Copenhagen/Malmö area with the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg, will enable both partners to considerably strengthen their appeal and potential for innovation and thus strive in global competition. 

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B.B. Art by Barbara Böttcher, Exhibition, Hamburg, cancelled

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